Coding in 2021. This is what I want to do

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I’ve beed building websites for more than 25 years. I’ m fluent in both PHP and ASP (yes, Active Server Pages, not .NET). Here are some things that I hope to explore and learn in 2021.


I believe that TypeScript is here to stay. I have only played around with it for fun, but I like what I have seen so far. I haven’t looked at classes or interfaces, but if I can just have the static typing, I can see how it will be easier to keep the code clean and not end up with strange errors.

In the 2020 edition of State o JS, it was the highest ranked flavour of JS in both satisfaction, interest, usage and awareness. Hopefully I will have moved to TypeScript as my default flavour during 2021. Let’s see.


I want to be better at Node.js. I have been coding PHP since 1998 and I feel very comfortable with it. I can identify and fix issues with both performance and security. And with the last few years of development (php 7.0-7.4 and now 8.0) we have seen some great improvoments.

I will probably have to keep using PHP for many ears because of existing projects written in PHP, but I want to shift my own focus towards Node (or deno when it’s ready).

My biggest motivation to do this is to keep my whole project in one language. As the frontend is built in JS, it would be nice to have the backend in JS as well. Things i learn can be used in both cases, and I can focus my learning.


I just love it. My first thought was “not another JS frontend framework to learn”, but I went through the tutorial, and all I could think was that this is how i want things to work. It’s so smooth, and the learning curve starts really slow, and the code is clean.

So far I prefer it over Vue, that I have been using for the past few years. I think I will put my focus on Svelte rather than view this year. I am really looking forward to Svelte Kit.


TailwindCSS is a utility-first CSS framework. I have been working in too many projects where the design is stuck to the page you are looking at. If you move a button from the product page to the checkout page, it changes styling because it is no longer wrapped in #checkout.

There have been many tries to make these things work better. Bootstrap and Foundation are two popular frameworks. But nothing I have tried so far has been as nice as Tailwind.

I don’t like how cluttered the html looks with a million different classnames, but I do love how everything becomes modular.

This change feels almost like when we started separating frontend and backend. Using static websites that fetched data from an API. My next project will be built with Tailwind.

Also, their website looks 🔥


I have been using Docker in a few projects, but I actually never set up a docker environment myself. Until last week. I know I’m very late at jumping on this, but hey, better late than never! No more struggle with figuring out why something worked on my machine but when another developer tries it out it doesn’t work.

I just want to incorporate docker in my workflow.

My build tools

I want to clean up the build workflow in our projects. And stick to the good things. Snowpack, ESBuild and other things that makes development faster and smoother. And my hard drive lighter.

And also

There are some technologies that I am interested in learning more. They are not going to be my main focus, but I will try them out and keep an eye on them. Maybe I find something really useful. These things are in no particular order.

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